Hotel Royale: Apartments for High Class Miners

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  1. This is a call out to all those who need a place to set down on SMP2.

    At the Hotel Royale, we don't claim to be the cheapest (Although our prices are pretty low... =D ). What we do claim, with confidence, is that you will be stepping into a Hotel of the highest class. This isn't a bunch of holes dug in the ground, nor is it a village of cramped wooden huts. The Hotel Royale is a place with views, class, and everything else you need to run a successful cross-server mining operation.

    Our rooms are pictured below, and each comes with it's own view of the neighbors. Though less important, each room also comes with a large chest, a crafting table, 2 furnaces, and a brewing stand. Also, if you need any more of the above mentioned, they can be added to your room at no extra cost! Finally, we are currently constructing a full enchantment room for use by Hotel members as well! Again, at no extra charge.

    Our rate is as follows, a starting fee of 50r per week. If you pay ahead 2 weeks or more, the following weeks will go down to 35r per week! For example, pay ahead and the first two weeks are 50r each, and any week after that is 35r each. As long as you pay it all at once. It's better to pay ahead of time.

    Come check out the hotel at lot 3080! It also begs mentioning that the hotel is right next to my shop, so supplies are never far.

    Now for less interesting stuff that I feel I need to lay out. Just to make sure everyone knows.

    When you rent a room, nothing will ever be removed from that room so long as you pay the rent. If the rent is not paid, the room will be locked, but your stuff will remain for you to pick up when you have time. If that stuff is not picked up in 2 weeks, the room will be cleared for another renter, and your stuff will be moved to the basement. You can then pick up your stuff for another 2 weeks, for a total of 4 weeks after stopping your payments. After that time, your stuff becomes Hotel property.

    Essentially, everything from your room is still yours for a month after you stop paying. After that time, it is assumed you don't want the stuff anymore, so it will be trashed or sold.

    If you want to rent a room, just message me on the site here, or when I'm online on the server. However, I can't guarantee I can serve you on the game itself because I'm always busy lately, so it would be best if you message me on the site! thank you!

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