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  1. Hi everyone, my friends and I are planning on building a hotel soon, and we need a residence to rent or buy to build it on. If you're interested, please PM me on-site or send a PM to Bella221131 or Starblazewarrior in-game if we're online. and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We will hammer out the finer details of the business dealing over PM.

    1. The residence must be on smp1.
    2. The residence must be completely untouched on the surface and underground, or have /res clear done to it.
    3. Our budget is 5k rupees a month to rent, and 50k to buy the residence. If you'd like to sell it, we can't pay the whole payment of 50k but we are able to pay in installments of 1k/week. We are also paying 10% of ALL sales the hotel makes each month to renters or sellers.

    Thank you to anyone who wants to do this, we're extremely grateful :)

    PS: Once we have the details about the hotel, such as where it will be built, room information, etc, we will post a brand-new thread here on the forums that you can check out!

    Thanks a bunch,
  2. It might be better to get one of your own, that way you can control all of it - and have no chance of grief/theft. You can buy Gold Supporter or a Max Res Voucher here:
  3. I know, but I'm unable to get supporter :/
  4. People are willing to sell max-res vouchers. They are worth about 360k or so. It is somewhat pricey, but it is worth it.
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  5. To be quite honest, I doubt anyone will want to give up one of their residences for just 50k :/ but as PenguinDJ said why not get a max res voucher instead?
  6. Gold vouchers happen to sell for around 200-300k you will still get an extra residence with that purchase.
  7. I'm just gonna say it: this is not a good idea on your part. If you rent a res from someone, they are well within their rights to reset it at any time, or they could take away your permissions on the res, they could even tear everything down and keep everything that you had there for themselves. It's just not something to risk.
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  8. Are max res vouchers permanent? And how much do they sell for?
  9. I broke it down for you.

    Max Res - You'll keep the second res slot forever
    Gold - You'll keep the res as long as you're not derelict

    In real money:
    Max Res - $30
    Gold - $10

    In Rupees:
    Max Res - 350-450k
    Gold - 200-300k
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  10. Thanks, do you know of anyone who's selling/auctioning these off?
  11. 9001 on smp4 sells Max Res Vouchers for 575,000r and Gold Supporter Vouchers for 300,000r. As of this post they are in stock.
  12. Thanks, I'll definitely check them out tomorrow. :)
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