hotel da fizh

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  1. hi i'm FishyHiggs and i have a whole residence devoted to a hotel and i need help to get it done by my deadline

    hotel da fizh details
    res: 8200
    need: help from anyone
    need: donation's
    need: builders to help
    deadline: 11 7 2013
    donate: cobblestone
    donate: anything
  2. Hi Fishy, Is there going to be a fish bowl? :p
  3. Hey there Fishy! I'm happy to help you, I can assist in building, perhaps supply some cobble, I've got a fair bit of spare wool in a variety of colours and I can supply some glass to assist in that fish bowl :p Unfortunantly I don't think I can help in many other ways :(
  4. im not sure where i would put the fishbowl but i have a fishbowl at timmis99s res
  5. room 12 is for sale on floor 3
  6. Ill be a wool artist for you.
  7. ok thanks yendred01 for doing the wool scupture now dont forforget i still have room 12 on floor 3 for sale.
  8. I could help you with the design.
  9. i have the deasign for the hotel
  10. i need ALOT of cobble
  11. i may atully have a fishbowl on the roof