Hotel/Condo Complex for SMP6

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am rather new to this community. I spend most of my time on SMP1 but when SMP6 launched, I decided it would be a good time to take advantage of the new community and try and build something great. Over the last couple of days I have been building the "Butters Hotel" on SMP6 located at 12142.

    The hotel is 6 stories tall. the first floor is the lobby, with access to the main elevator and two private Penthouse Suite Elevators. It also has a cafe which will serve food at cheap rates. The lobby is big so i hope to have some statues, etc made to help fill it up. The second floor has an area for a hotel run "gift shop" and also a place where I will offer shop owners in SMP6 to sell merchandise and advertise for their main store. The second floor also has a deck area overlooking the lobby floor which will have a "refreshment bar" and eventually music. Floors 3-5 are executive suites with 4 suites per floor. They feature a bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchenette. Each Executive suite will rent for 500r/week.

    The top two floors (6-7) are the penthouse suites. They are two story suites which feature a cathedral ceiling living room. Bedroom with fireplace, large kitchen, storage facility and their own private elevator entrance. They also have an outdoor veranda. I plan on eventually introducing a rooftop pool for use of the penthouse suites only. These suites will rent for 1000r/week.

    I would appreciate any feedback from the community. this is my first big build and hope to continue to improve. I do not know when I will be officially opening but I will post here for sure. Again, thats 12142 on SMP6, thanks!


  2. Really Cool :D
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  3. Ho-Ly-CRAP
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  4. Just letting ya know that the Butters Hotel is actually at 12142...not 12124
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  5. Thanks, i updated it! :)

    Just for a quick update on the hotel. Currently I have completed the lobby (1st floor), the store (2nd floor), the Executive suites (3rd floor), the Luxury suites (4-5 floor) and the penthouse suites (6-7 floor). I am now building the King Suite on the very top (the roof will touch the clouds, but as soon as 1.2 is added ill be able to make it higher).

    I have 4 executive suites at 100r/week or 2000r perm available.
    I have 4 Luxury suites at 300r/week or 4000r perm available.
    I currently have no Penthouse suites available. One will be available within the next few days and will be 500r/week or 6000r perm.

    The King suite is where I will be resting my head and is not for sale!

    If you haven't already, come check the hotel out. I have received lots of feedback from the SMP6 community and would love to hear from everyone else also. Its at 12142 on SMP6!

  6. How much to per rent the pent house?
  7. 6000r perm for the Penthouse suite
  8. Ok I will see how they are
  9. i will leave the doors open to my penthouse suite for people to have a look
  10. Hey Butters!

    Sorry I couldn't find a better place to post this.....

    I'm so excited to commission you for my house! So I was basically thinking of doing a castle with the insides essentially identical to my penthouse because I absolutely LOVE the penthouse, but I dont love the process of getting to it so much.... Once my house is built you can feel free to resell the penthouse (I'll include it in the package Angelus discussed with you) :)

    I would like it to be built in birch and wood planks, both of which I have collected a ton of, as well as lots of windows and some touches of pink wool LOL. I have an entire lot to work with so space won't be much of an issue... A courtyard and fountain would be glorious additions to the lower part of the castle. I'll see about finding some pictures for reference... I know you'll do great either way!!

    Sun to Build a Castle.jpg
  11. Id donate but I'm banned til 9 AM tomorrow