[Hotel] Busniess Hotela SMP7

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  1. Busniess Hotela

    Welcome to our (my) hotel thread. Located on SMP7 Residence 14275.
    This hotel was made of wood, stonebricks, sandstone, stone and (sheeps blood) wools.
    1. Available 2.Available 3. Available
    4. Available5.Available 6.Available
    7.Available 8.Taken 9.Available
    Screenshots of the hotel:
    Contains ALL room pictures.

    600r for 1 week
    900r for 2 weeks
    Evertime you get a room you will receive 10 free bread, as a welcome to your room.

    Ender chests are also availabe to use at ground floor.
    If customer's room has expired his/her items that are inside the chest will be moved to storage room, there you can get your items back, if you forgot to take your staff before your room is expired.

    That is all.
  2. bread*
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  3. nice hotel
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  4. I may get a room here in a week
  5. And what kind of room do you wish to take if you want a room?
  6. Room 8 two weeks.
    I will have to pay in the morning because I am doing this from my iPod so i can't login
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  7. Very well, i will preaper your room. 10 breads will be in a chest.
    EDIT: Your room is now ready.
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  8. Just paid.
    I LOVE my room!
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