[Hotel] 2634 Hotel (+Cafe and Shop)

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Which block should I use to add a splash of color to my hotel?

Diamond Blocks 1 vote(s) 7.7%
Gold Blocks 1 vote(s) 7.7%
Emerald Blocks 2 vote(s) 15.4%
Redstone Blocks 4 vote(s) 30.8%
Lapis Lazuli Blocks 5 vote(s) 38.5%
Other Option??? Add comment below, explaining! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hi!
    If you don't know me already, I'm minecraftgirl30 from SMP1.

    Over the past year and a half I've been on EMC, I've built a bunch of various hotels, shops, and restaurants on 2634, an SMP1 residence. Some of you might remember my first hotel (made out of dirt), which was horrific now that I look back at it. I also ran a more-or-less previous restaurant, and I've had a couple small shops. Now, I've decided to stick with mainly just a hotel, which is what I'm doing.

    2634 Hotel
    The 2634 Hotel is going to be mainly made out of cyan stained clay, quartz, glass, and possibly a block like the diamond, emerald, redstone, or gold block for a splash of color. You can vote on which I should use in the poll above.

    There are three different types of donaters, each with their own types of rewards:

    - donate 15,000 rupees or more
    - rewards: a free 2Floor hotel room, or penthouse, with free weekly room service that includes food, drinks, and more; free daily rewards and gifts such as emeralds, diamonds, gold nuggets/ingots, potions, etc; free access to rooftop pool and more

    - donate 5,000 rupees - 14, 999 rupees
    - rewards: a free Deluxe hotel room, with free weekly room service that includes food, drinks, and more; free weekly rewards and gifts such as emeralds, gold ingots/nuggets, potions, etc

    - donate 1,000 rupees - 4,999 rupees
    - rewards: a free Normal hotel room, with free weekly room service that includes food, drinks, and more; free monthly rewards and gifts such as gold nuggets, emeralds, etc.

    Also, each donater will be recognized.

    The hotel has three kinds of rooms:
    -Normal, 25 rupees per day: includes a 10x10x6 layout with a crafting table, furnace (with 2 coal), bed, two double-chests (with 2 bread), a couch, a table, some chairs, and some more features that will be added later :)
    -Deluxe, 55 rupees per day: includes a 15x15x6 layout with two crafting tables, two furnaces (with 2 coal each), two beds, three double-chests (with 3 bread), two couches, a few tables, some chairs, and other features yet to come, like in-room flower beds and other crazy stuff.
    -2Floor (aka Penthouse), 95r/day: includes two 15x15x6 layout rooms, EACH with two crafting tables, two furnaces (with 2 coal each), two beds, two double-chests (with 2 bread), two couches, a few tables, some chairs, and other awesome features.

    Other Additional Features:
    - room service, 10 rupees per week: includes free food and water and milk (up to 10 orders per day; please don't order too much ;)), weekly furnace coal refills, and other features.
    - rooftop pool and lounge, additional 20 rupee charge for access forever: includes access to our specially made rooftop pool and lounge area. There's a great view from the top!

    Also, we have our built-in 2634 Café, which serves every food in Minecraft. Tables for 1 - 2 people are 10 rupees per table, including a meal for one or two meals for two; and tables for 3 - 4 people are 20 rupees per table, including a meal for three or four meals for three or four. This is sponsored by ThePieNinja3000, SheBomb, and BrickNumber. Thanks, guys!

    In addition to that, we have a built-in 2634 Mini-Mart, which sells random items like coal for furnaces, armor, tools, weapons, emeralds, and other stuff. This is sponsored by ThePieNinja3000...

    That is all! Feel free to stop by 2634 on SMP1 for more! The hotel isn't even close to being done, so . . .

    Please donate! The rewards that donaters get are really awesome, and we need all the support we can get! Thanks so much!

    Also, special thanks to raeiu904 for donating a lot of rupees. But he doesn't get rewards. Because I worked for him. Plus he's my frienemy (combo of "friend" and "enemy"). Plus he just doesn't get rewards. But thanks anyway because you helped me (at first). Check out his future MegaMall and Storage place, 2633 on SMP1 (He's my neighbor).

    Bye! Check out 2634! SMP1!
  2. I can donate 15000 this morning,remind me so I don't forget please.
  3. ok, cool. thank you soooo much :) reminder???? should I remind u online or...?
  4. I just donated 5,000. I look forward to seeing the hotel when its done.
  5. really???? thank you sooo much! you're officially a gold supporter, so when the hotel opens, you get a free deluxe room w/ free room service and weekly gifts :) Thanks so much again!!!!!! (by the way ur name is posted in the lobby at 2634 on a gold block...)
  6. Thanks to our supporters... Become one today and get special promotions from 2634, once our hotel opens! Be one of the first three or so and get diamonds!
  7. I can donate 5k, I cant give it at this moment though.
  8. A good block to add colour would be stained clay of any color.
  9. I get my name on a GOLD block?! You are too kind.
    Anyway, no problem, and I'll visit as soon as I get the chance.

    P.S. Just checked it out, and the sign says i donated 1k, but i donated 5k, just thought you would want to know
  10. oops, my bad... and i'm not putting the names on gold/diamond/redstone blocks on the first floor. on the 1st floor they will just be regular signs, then when i build the hotel up more ill make a whole floor dedicated to donaters, with their names on gold/diamond/redstone blocks :) just so u know...
  11. thank u so much :) ur officially a gold donater
  12. thank u!
  13. by the way, quartz is really expensive... if u know a shop throughout smp1 - smp9 that sells fairly cheap quartz, preferably in bulks, please tell me!!

    also, thank you for your input on my survey! :) (but lapis is expensive, too!!!! so if you can, donate! Thank you!!!)
  14. Hi, empire!
    I've made a lot of progress on the hotel with all of your generous donations! However please continue to donate, as I continue to buy quartz (it's soooo expensive!). I'm working on the ceiling of the first floor (which is made out of quartz), and it's costing me around 15,000 rupees+! It's difficult, but I want to make sure that this is a great hotel for you guys. Thanks again! :)