[Hosting Question] Hostinger vs 1FreeHosting

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Which do you prefer?

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  1. Since 2013 I have two hosting companies i'm involved with:

    Initially was with: http://www.hostinger.fr/

    Though this posed a challenge with me as french translations aren't always the most accurate to what terminology i'm used to.

    So I switched to India: http://www.hostinger.in/

    (The servers themselves are hosted in the UK - and now it's in Asheville, North Carolina)


    I randomly came across this site earlier: http://www.1freehosting.com/

    This made me wonder - would this be better than hostinger, or if it's a scam (or legit)

    The cpanel on hostinger has been really good so far, but I've been having issues connecting to the mysql database - and that's how I ran across this other hosting site... should I switch?