Hostage Situation, this time it is bad....

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    You have until 10 minutes from now, or else they all get it :p
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  2. Like I said in the other ransom note pertaining to Chickeneer and ICC, "cook'em." Also, ICC, who discriminated against his fellow cattle herd, said he didn't really care for them. So my suggestion to you is to make a sample ...I mean an "example" out of...I dunno know probably 1/3 of the herd and turn them into delicious succulent freshly-cooked moist angus beef patties and top'em off with cheese, brown mushrooms and mushroom stew gravy, a hint of an awkward potion and have it with a side order of baked potatoes and pumpkin pie.

    If they works ICC should smell the mouth-watering deliciousness, eat the angus burgers, and go on a wild rampage, and begging for more angus burgers along with the submitted willingness to pay any substantial amount of rupees for 1 burger (not including tax or the variable price of side orders...*hint hint*).

    Note: If this does work, I would like to receive just a small payment of the bountiful rupees of which may be rewarded to you. 10 grand (10k) of rupees seems reasonable. If it doesn't work, either triple the amount of the awkward potion or go into the restaurant business to get rid of those cows and make yourself a nice leather coat.
  3. They're dead
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