Horses Only Spawn Once?

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  1. Does anyone know if this issue has been resolved?

    Last time I went out in the wild, I found a plain with horses on it, and I took the whole herd. I went back later and there were no more spawning. Now that the wastelands have been reset, I went to find more horses, but all the wastelands have already been explored.

    Can I expect to find horses or should I just give up?
  2. I think it just takes more time for more horses to spawn.
  3. I believe that passive mobs, for the most part, only spawn once because they don't despawn. However, they may rarely respawn. Check for more info. :)
  4. HOLO

    I mean, uh.. Wasn't there an update that made passive mobs never spawn back in that chunk area once they were killed, or taken? Or was it reverted?
  5. Maybe. I will check later on. :)
  6. um... to me knowledge and vague recollection... when breeding was incorporated into the mechanics spawning ceased in pre-rendered chunks as could obviously be bred from then on, when exploring new chunks however passive mobs could generate.
    someone please correct me on this, but this is my knowledge on the subject.
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  7. From the wiki-

    "Approximately one in ten newly generated chunks will contain mobs, usually in packs of up to four of the same species. They will always spawn on the highest available block in a column i.e. the one that can see the sky. For an animal to spawn on it, this block must be opaque and the two blocks above it must be transparent. The block does not need to be grass nor does it need to be illuminated (as it does with Mob Spawning).
    Animals do not spawn in desert or ocean biomes, with the exception of squid.
    Randomness for animal spawning is derived from the world seed, which means that worlds with the same seed will generate chunks with the same animals in the same places.
    Very rarely, new animals can spawn in already generated chunks, just like monsters do. When animals spawn in this way, they do so only on grass blocks with light level 9 or greater above them. This is also a requirement for animals spawning from monster spawners. Unlike monsters, animals do not spontaneously despawn, except for wild ocelots and wolves (which can despawn only when they are hostile)."
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  8. ah, so my answer is a summation then :/ ah well at least its now confirmed in my head :)
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  9. Maybe we should breed a bunch of horses and repopulate the wild herds
  10. yeah any bred passive animal when removed from the chunk will not respawn. horses are just more desirable and thus more noticeable
  11. Well, the thing is, wilder horses have higher stats and so far I can't replicate those stats in bred horses. Example: Even breeding my two 130 speed horses, I only got a 122 speed. But in the wild, I found a 126 speed horse. So in order to have horses with very high stats, they have to be found in the wild. That's why I'm interested, but I guess what you guys say is true. I'll have to the frontier (since wasteland is limited to a small area) and go far out to find more horses.
  12. Not true at all.
    The speed of horses depends on the parent stats Plus one random one.
    For example, 130+130+random= Speed divided by three.
  13. Oh, that's good news. Is there a chance at all I can breed a horse with 130 speed?
  14. I have bred 2 x 130 horses together and once I got another horse with 130 speed. If you keep breeding you will get some 120+ horses easily. There will however be many rejects. So, stock up on golden carrots.

    I am trying breeding 2 horses with speed > 130 (There are a few horses with speed up to 140). The results seem worse than 2 x 130 horses. I wonder if there are special rules when breeding horse in the 131-140 speed range. Anyone know?
  15. How the heck do you get horses with over 130 speed? I thought 130 speed was the highest they went.
  16. When horses first came out there was a glitch. It is legal to have a horse up to 140 speed. I have 2 that are over 130.
  17. Oh, that glitch. Isn't Aikar going to be fixing that so that all horses are returned to 130 speed?
  18. If u kill all the passive mobs, does that help new horse to spawn?
  19. At my outpost in the smp4 frontier, in a pre 1.6 loaded land, horses did actually spawn on the plains biome I am in. They showed up about two real days of afking at an iron farm, and this was with the entc being loaded with other animals such as cows and chickens and even the horses we brought there.

    It just takes a long time to wait...
  20. We aren't supposed to exploit bugs. You might want to dispose of your glitched Horses.