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  1. Herro Everyone!!! Mer name is cocobuttered and I'm a horse crazy gamer...
    So! I'm having a horse sale! I'll post pictures of the horses for sale, stating (breed/color),
    speed, jump, and hp. So... right now up for sale are these pretty foals: (Sorry if the pics don't work)
    Color/Breed: Brown None
    Speed: 100.15%
    Jump: 53.70%
    Hp: 23.00

    (Cost: 85 rupees)
    2014-07-21_17.11.55.png SOLD!!!

    That's actually it for now...There'll be more soon, just gotta breed 'em all first. :p

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  2. I'd definitely be interested if you get a horse over 116 (it's my current highest that I can't seem to out-do for the life of me.)
  3. oh hi cocobuttered! let me know if you get any over 125, because I'd be interested! ;)
  4. Ok, I will. Sorry O haven't replied; I got mods for the first time so I was playing like that for a long time. xD
  5. Ok... All 4 horses have officially been sold! More soon to come! Post to hold for a specific stat! (Speed or Jump, I don't yet do HP specifically)
  6. Can I buy the 107 speed donkey?
  7. Sorry, all of them just got purchased by ECID_Goku if you haven't seen the 2 posts above. I'm currently trying to breed some high-stat-horses, but first I got to go mining for the gold... So, it might take a while. I'll put a 107 or up speed donkey on hold for you. =3
  8. There is a gold farm in server 3 someone will have to show you where its at or just come get me from server 2 :)
  9. Hmm, thanks! I think I'll come right now. :)
  10. New addition!

    Color/Breed: Chestnut Black Dots
    Speed: 85
    Jump: 72
    Hp: 22
    2014-08-09_07.49.16.png Price: 50r
  11. By the way, all the sold horses will have their pictures/info deleted.
  12. I'll buy any ponies posted after 24 hours to let others have a chance at buying them as well.
  13. Just buy em all
  14. See pererfamily4l others may want them as well so its fair if I wait :D
  15. Ok, thanks, that's a really nice thing to do =3
  16. Bump!

    Also ECID_Goku you are free to buy the Chestnut cx
  17. kk Next time your on see if I'm on server 2