Horseh Sale - smp2

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  1. 200r per horse at 3940 on smp2. All random stats, but 100 speed+ guaranteed.
  2. yep, I can guarantee that they are all above 102 speed.
  3. What's the highest you got?
  4. i think 118.
  5. prices lowered to 200r. BTw my highest for sale is 124. I just checked.
  6. no refunds, sorry.
  7. These kinds of posts are illegal. If you have a problem with them, take it up in a PM. Don't spam the thread.
  8. slot sign is fixed, you should be able to buy horses continuously now.
  9. Can I reserve the 124? :oops:
  10. i sold it :( I still have a 120 as my highest and i might be able to get you a 127 speed.
  11. i have a 127 for sale and a 120 and a 121.
    EDIT: 2 120s
  12. That's alot of bumps xD