Horse track-wild-need help making a flat area

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  1. MENTAL_ZOMBIE and i have decided to make a huge racetrack in the wild of smp4 today we started to clear out a flat spot to put our tack... we have made some great progress but now have decided we need help...
    • At this track we will hold the biggest horse races on EMC... and some small races on the weeks and weekends
    • I'm am looking to host a Empire Cup when this track is finished(not copied of of emc derby)This will be a torment to prove your worth in the EMC horse racing... each smp will have a tournament to decide which two people from the server will get to compete in the final 2 heats... and bring home the prized cup
    • BUT... Right now we are focused on making the area to build on... we need your help... PM me if you can help we will take people there tomorrow to finish the job