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  1. Last wintersales was a great success, therefor a new one. :)

    This time 80% discount on jump horses!
    Horses with 89-94% jump.
    On sale now! Normally 400 each. Now temporary for just 75 rupees!

    These are the horses you want to take to the wilderness. Not too expansive.
    No uber stats that's going to hurt you when a creeper surprising you and your horse dies.
    I know the feeling! But these ones can jump away or simply climb very easy to higher and saver places.

    Place to be: Horse Shop Evi smp4 8082. Area with red carpet is the jump section. Look for the wintersales discount sign.

    Also in stock:
    120-130 speeds
    100+ jumpers
    Ultimate survival horses (overall very good stats)
    Donkey's with 100-115% speed
    Mules 100-117% speed

    Cheap saddles
    Leads and everything you need to breed horses yourself.

    For bulk go to 8082 and take bulk shop teleporter. Random horse eggs for just 10 rupees each. Don't expect too much of those horses/eggs. Buy as much as you want! Own 500 horse or just resell them. That is up to you :)

    Cya around! :)
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  2. do you have any 104 or 105 jumps for sale? if so how many and what prices?
  3. Highest atm is 103% jump, got 111 speed and 27 hp.
    I sell my 100+ jumps for 1500, but those have average speeds of 105. When it passes 109% speeds I name them and sell them between 2k-4k, depending on other stats.
  4. ok thanks