Horse Shop Winter Sale - 8028

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  1. Temporary winter sale at 'Horse Shop Evi' on smp4 8028.

    Horses with 120-122% speed. Normally go for an already cheap price of 150r.
    Now on sale for just 50r a horse!! Be quick, before sold out!!

    Also new in the shop. Ultimate jumpers and ultimate survival horses!

    Crazy jumpers!
    -horses with 96-99% jump and 100-105% jump.

    Super balanced horses!
    -horses with decent speeds, high jump ability and very high health.
    These horses are named and sold 1 egg per time, but below their normal retail price.
    Giving everybody a change to own a really good survival horse for a reasonable price!

    Also new! BULK sale!!
    Want to build a nice stable and put it full horses? Don't care about fancy statistics?
    Buy high quantity eggs for super low price! 27 eggs for just 500 rupees or 54 eggs for 850 rupees!
    These eggs are random, but again. No fancy stats!
    Go to 8082 (not 8028) and use the teleport to the bulk shop.

    For the fancy and swagger horses, as usual 8028
    High speeds from 120-130%
    High health from 27-29HP
    High jumpers from 80-105%
    Derp horses with silly stats
    Reg. and speedy mules
    and always special offers to look out for...

  2. Could you hold a "Crazy Jumper" for me? If so I'll pick it up and pay for it in the morning.
  3. No worries, got some stock and don't expect to sell out that fast. If it does, I'll make you a special one :)
  4. Bump, got some nice horses with very high jump and high health in stock :)
  5. Bump, winter sale chest still half full. 120-122 speeds for just 50 rupees, instead of 150 :D