Horse Shop lots of 130+

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  1. I have opened a horse mall/shop on smp9... My shop is in my first res at /v jdog37. Come on down to check it out, we sell 129-132 speeds all mostly-fully stocked.... Don't be afraid to buy multiple, we also sell golden carrots, saddles, all types of horse armour, and sugar...

    It also is right besides MoeMacZap's brand new horse race track in the making, don't be afraid to check it out... Horse race should be held the next weekend, hope to see you there.
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  2. I r8 8/8 m8
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  3. My horse just died, in the wild, as I was making my way towards an event. Had to go on foot the rest of the way.

    Thought to myself, "Its time to buy a horse". Then I saw this post!

    Thanks for letting me know where to shop!
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  4. You could post a few prices/horse descriptions for the people too lazy to go and visit themselves. It should help with sales.