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  1. Hey EMC, I have an idea for the servers. What if (like pvp) on one of the smps, there was an official horse racing track. There are many players who have horse racing tracks and have some races, but it is difficult to get many people to come and have a real race. If there was a scheduled horse racing event hosted by staff I think many people would come and it would be a fun event. There could even be prizes, ect. I think it is a good idea and I would definitely go if there was one. Thanks!
  2. First! +1 on the idea.
  3. -1. It's a great idea but at that point it's just who can afford the fastest horse. It would have practically nothing to do with skill.

    That is just what I envision based on what you described.
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  4. That is a good point, but I have a solution. There could be a couple overall races (any speed vs any speed), and there can be feats or groups. For example there could be 115-120 or 90-95 speed horses that race each other without any super fast horses beating everyone.
  5. +100!
    the track can have some obstacles so the horse has to jump or run or do some thing so it really rely on riders' skill :D

    horse version of parkour?? I'm glad you brought up this topic XD
  6. -1 for me. I wouldn't want to see this because this would take no skill for the player and just for the horse. This would be very hard to coordinate also because if you wanted to do 90-95 speed horse races I don't think there is a way for someone to see this other than /horse, which i don't think staff would want to get on every horse to check if it's the right speed and etc
  7. I don't think this would make any difference in the outcome. A fastest horse does make a difference, but really, it's like Mob Arena and PvP: whoever has better stuff has a greater chance to win. Players having better stuff than another shouldn't matter.

    However... there are fair versions of Mob Arena and PvP, and it could be nice to have the devs make something similar to this: Round 1: Any horse, Round 2: Stats set, Round 3: Any horse.

    +1 for the suggestion. Lots of people love horse racing.
  8. +1. A track could certainly be made to incorporate skill, as well as speed/jump attributes. Heck, you could even have one that tested HP (with the chance of losing your horse!) Lots of fun to be had there.
  9. Kind of like PvP though isn't it? Aka who can afford the best armor and more god apples? I know I'll get flamed for saying this but besides armor all PvP is, is just spam clicking. Horse riding would be relativity the same thing, but people like to spend their time differently.

    OT: I know there is already lots of little race tracks people have made all over the Empire to take part in, but something official might attract more attention to it. I see no harm in it so you get a +1 from this bear. :)
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  10. Or the event could have set horses you have to use that are spawned on race day for players that wish to take part? That way all horses would have.. letf say fir example 110 Speed and 70 jump. That way it is based on skill and unlike PvP you can take part without spending a penny.
  11. That's not true it's always tactic
  12. If it was a straight shot from point A to point B, I'd agree with you. But once you introduce jumps and curves, it becomes much more about skill. As for coordination, have the participants egg their horses to present to the judge, then have a store of sugar to regrow them for the race.
  13. Took the words out my mouth, it would be easy enough to have a round or 2 where staff spawn equal stat horses in. Then you would have the any horse round, as people have said, this is the same as mob arena in reality, the best items win.
  14. What's tactic in holding the w key and occasionally using the space bar and moving your mouse?
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  15. Timing, like in EVERY single game you play. It all comes down to timing

  16. +1 defiantly id be there every time
  17. moemaczap would win all
    but if u do the groups then i +1 it
  18. With his 139 speed horse :p