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  1. Hi all! You all may be wondering about this horse info card system. Here is a little demo.

    horse liscence tutorial.png

    The purpose of this system is to prove the validity of horse stats and shows recommended horse levels for a race.
    I am setting up a testing system on smp4 at my res 9034.
    The book will be titled license and will only be legit if signed by me.
    Contact me if you want to get tested.
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  2. (I'm not trying to make this a bump ran out of room on main post) I won't be testing promo's. It costs 25r for the test (pays for book and the service)
  3. id like to test mine.
  4. I will test yours when I finish my tester it will cost 25r for the testing to pay for the book and just for the service
  5. thats a good price! let me know
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  6. i would like to test my horse
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  7. p.s. I am building a race track that requires you being tested to race
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  8. Wait, why would you need to test horses to find the jump and speed? Those stats can be found by just typing /horse while riding it...
  9. its just a trust issue because people will lie about stats. the system is also good for determining which horse to take into a race because some races will be better for certain horses. The test only takes a few minutes and is very cheap anyways
  10. OR.. We can screenshot the stats.

    No offense, if somebody in a race was your buddy you'd probably fake a license for them to win. Like I said a screenshot works just as good. Anyway, with improvement it's not a very bad idea. It could be changed a little and could possibly become a thing that we all use ;)
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  11. Hey now, I'm not sure I understand the need for the idea either, but thats no excuse to insult this guy's integrity for no good reason. Thats quite rude.
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  12. Like I said I'm not saying he's necessarily going to do it, he could be perfectly clean and do everything he should for all I know, I don't personally know him. Simply with improvement, such as 2 different people that are not friends both verifying the horse would make it better ;)
  13. A high level licence (3's) can be a blessing and a harm, so what is the point of getting a false license it only hurts the person who has it.
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  14. I don't see the point in this.It costs nothing to screenshot stats.
  15. I understand that, but this is just used for race hosts that prefer a trustable source. (not condemning anyone)
  16. ya there was a race i went to once and i think it was a no promo horse, but guess waht, there were 2 or 3 promos in it, i can't remember who was there besides mental, porph (porphos), and me.
  17. I know,but what's the point in the book part?Couldn't responsible testers just screenshot stats?
  18. The purpose of the book would be to easily show your horses validity in game. You can't share screenshots in game. This will make the process faster and easier for the race owners if I understand it correctly.
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  19. you are absolutely correct
  20. for those of you who don't know 3 is the best level (btw this is a bump)