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  1. This package is great for anyone who loves horses, and breeding them. Includes: half a stack of golden carrots, 2 118 speed horses, 6 saddles, and 16 leads. Starting bids at 600r, contact me if interested or have any questions. Ty! -Carmeleon
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  2. I'll get it for 600r :D
  3. Next time you do an auction prelude the title with [Auction] and you have to set 4 basic things.
    starting bid.
    minimum bid increments
    auction end time(eg. 24 hours after last valid bid)
    are they picking the item up or are you mailing or delivering?

    And please limit "bump" posts to 3 hours after the last post on your thread.(this includes "X is in the lead with 1000r"
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  4. This auction is invalid. 10 horse minimum, and the other items must being in double chest quantities in order for this to be considered valid.

    +what the post above mine says.
  5. What Jk said is This Auction is invalid and is closing it. I recommend that click on this link and read up on the rules & Standards of Emc auctions:
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