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Would you like this on EMC?

Yes 8 vote(s) 40.0%
No 12 vote(s) 60.0%
  1. Hello! I am Thebuttersheep.

    Today, a tragedy happened. My Horse with 138% speed drowned. Oh No! If only there were someway to bring him back! *cries*

    But here is where my suggestion kicks in, I think EMC should have some sort of horse insurance. Where if your horse suddenly passes away, you can pay a certain amount of Rupees depending on it's stats to revive the horse. This would be useful for many players, for example, "Yay! I'm going to take my new promo horse for a ride in the wastes!" *falls in lava*

    I sincerely hope you can find it in your heart to add this someday. It would help so many players and save the lives of a few horses. :D


    Thebuttersheep (Res 19484)
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  2. No. Just no.

    Since it is based on rupees, the value of a horse always changes. Also, this is pretty op
    If an animal is dead, it is dead, same goes for promo items like orebusters.
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  3. i for one somehow lost my rudolph in town dont know how just logged in and it was gone so i think this is a good thing so many poor horses are lost every day. but they arent just transportation they are out companions
  4. I do like the idea, but typically insurance implies that you pay up front to ensure that if something happens you have help.. I wouldn't mind paying a resurrection fee based on stats, but I don't want to pay 'insurance' for a just in case scenario, or see any of our current horse protections suddenly cost r's or be at risk of losing them under some new insurance/protection plan
  5. While it's a good concept, I think that it would be abused, and go against the way that EMC is meant to be sort of like Vanilla. It could perhaps be a supporter perk, have a limited amount of uses, and be extremely expensive. But over all I don't think it would ever be implemented, because as I said before, EMC is supposed to be like normal survival in the waste and wild (hope that made sense :p )
    I feel so sorry for you, losing a 138 must've been terrible though :(
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  6. One time I rode a pretty nice, decked out diamond horse into a ravine. I got back the saddle but no armor. I then fell into a deep, spiraling depression, and lost one of my own hands.

    Turns out it was on my arm the whole time, who woulda known!
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