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  1. is it against the rules to auction a dc of horse eggs, without listing every stat on every horse? i seen that you need to put all stats down, but that would be alot of work on a dc of horses. i just wanted to ask instead of breaking a rule, i also believe this was the correct place to make this post. sorry if its not, im new here :D
  2. Also this is the section on horses:

    Horse Eggs 

    Horse eggs can be auctioned off with a minimum quantity of 10. You must list every horse's info, including speed, health, jump, and type.
  3. You must list every stat which is why the minimum is 10 as apposed to a dc which most other items use.
  4. maybe you want to do the auction of every 10 not DC?

    yeah I know sometimes you want to sell them in one shot tho... XD

    but if it's crappy status horses and you have tons of them, I sometimes feel it can be auctionable if it's mentioned not that good status of 54? just saying :D I agree part of what you are saying there!
  5. thank you guys! thats unfortunate, now i dont know what to do with all my excess horses lol, i dont feel like listing every stat on that many horses :D
  6. these are from seppd 116-119% with just random jumps and HPs, i just feel like we should be able to auction a dc of horse eggs using that kind of description, i understand listing every stat if theres just a few your selling
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