[Horror] Lights Out

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  1. So here is the video. For those who are easily scared/creeped out, don't watch it.

    If you like it, check out some of this guy's other videos. Some of his "how he made it" videos are pretty cool as well.
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  2. Pretty good video.
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  3. Damn... 10 at night... damn...
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  4. Might want to sleep with the lights on tonight :p
  5. ... A day after I watched conjuring 2..
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  6. Nah homegirl betta not mess wit meh I'd rek her fece off!
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  7. Bump for the daytime people.
  8. Yes that was creepy. How was the conjuring 2?
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  9. I got half way and stopped. Scary things give me nightmares.. :p

    EDIT: Just watched the whole thing.. Never again, please.. :p
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  10. Made it to 00:29 and noped out. Maybe later...
    [EDIT] 00:46
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  11. You noped out right before the best part :rolleyes: