Horrible lag on smp3

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  1. Ever since the update for eggs... i dont know if it is coincidence or what, but every other block i destroy is re-appearing... and most people have 1/4 bars.
    The lag is outrageous, almost unplayable... any word on other servers if the block lag is this bad?
  2. The block lag isnt so bad on smp1. Ill go and see if its that bad for me on smp3.
    Ok I checked. It's a bit bad but not terrrible.
  3. it was pretty bad earlier, it seems to have fixed itself a bit now.
    Edit* IT Was terrible though
  4. What is this "bars", please?
  5. when you hit Tab, the connection bars next to everyones name
    When you hit tab, there are connection ''bars'' next to everybodys name
  6. Maybe it was bad for the mass eggification, the players had to test this thing out! Anyways, if it's kinda solved it means that server has now adjusted and it's running correctly the plugin, just as loading anything up: it takes all the possible resources from the server to load up faster.
  7. Well thats good, i was hoping it wasn't going to be a problem because of the update.
  8. Gotcha -- mine shows different colored creeper faces :D
  9. Lol.. texture pack?
  10. SMP1 has a bit of block lag, but not as much as you're describing. But then again, I am running on a system that gets 1600 fps in singleplayer... XD
  11. I am pretty sure the ping on that screen is your ping to the players, so it wouldn't be the same to everyone. Try smp5 or 6 they are on better hardware (and smp1-4 will be moved as soon as money permits it :)).
  12. Yes, The pings related to your ping to the person

    (Removed my nonsense and edited to this :p)
  13. 1. Pic or it didn't happen :D
    2. your hardware doesn't affect your internet, your connection to the server or the server itself in any way
  14. I know that, but, for example, a laptop with 1/8 the ram and 1/12 the processing speed of the machine I play on gets about 40fps in multiplayer, whereas the machine I normally play on gets about 400fps in multiplayer. Your hardware does not affect your connection, but it does affect framerate, etc. People who play on crappy machines get more lag than people who play on good ones.
  15. Ricky you worry way too much. Justin announced that he would be testing the eggification on all servers eventually, and that it may or may not cause bugs. Like it was said, with any new feature added it takes extra resources from the server to make sure it runs properly and can continue to run smoothly. Man I can't wait to see your thread when 1.2 is up and running on EMC. Haha
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  16. That could be funny.
  17. I remember when 1.1 came out. Lag was real bad for a while. It's normal, the server has to work out the kinks, as well as the admins.