hoppers are bugged

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  1. at my gold farm on utopia, the swords from zombie pigmen are not getting sucked up by hoppers. they are despawning. As far as I can tell, other items seem to be working fine. If I place the swords in to the hoppers, they work properly, its just the "sucking" action that is not working.

    EDIT: It appears that nothing is getting sucked up by the hoppers. its like they are behaving as a solid block. manually placing items into hoppers still works fine, but hopper floors are broken at my farm. Is anyone else noticing this?
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  2. Hmm, I have an issue with hoppers not sucking up items in wild as well, and all sort of, meat and leather for cow farm, slime balls ect.
    Hopper-minecarts are working fine though.
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  3. Hoppers aren't broken, just how Aikar changed them, try using water streams to force the items into the hoppers, it works for me, or use hopper minecarts.
  4. Yesterday they were working perfectly fine as is, with no water streams or whatnot and not every contraption would allow for hopper minecarts...
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  5. No, this is a bug that happened in the last 12 hours. My farm has been in use for the last 2 months, and its been working properly until this morning.
    Water streams will not work for hopper floors where the mob falls to it's death on hoppers.
    Example: gold farms, hostile mob farms, guardian farms, you get the idea:)
  6. Well that's just you, This is effecting Markethan not you. I am only spitting out solutions to help HIM and NOT YOU!
  7. Why are you shouting? And ladblo said it was effecting her as well.
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  8. Rude much? If you post a solution on a thread, expect other people to reply/use the solution as well. If you don't want to, there are other means, like private messages. And yes, it is affecting me as well.
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  9. I use CAPS to make a POINT :p
  10. I wasn't referring to caps, re-read my reply and it would of been ways more helpful, if you would POINT out what lets you think it's intentional for hoppers to not suck up items as of now? Any recent announcements/updates?
  11. I'll let you both figure it out on your own, but one last thing before i unwatch the thread, Surf the forums. Good luck fellas.
  12. If your referring to aikar slowing hopper speed to help with lag, this just happened yesterday, not june 5 th :p
  13. There was an issue with hoppers not sucking in items while server lag was to high a while ago. It was an intentional feature to prevent massive farms to further increase the lag, but as far as I know it was removed due to many people complaining that it was breaking their redstone mechanisms. It should not be causing any more trouble.

    Edit: Markethan's post just loaded :p