Hopper problem

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  1. Hoppers dosen't suck out or move the items, huge glitch that is affecting my farm so my whole business and I got pending clients, I don't like to make my clients wait. Anyway hope this get fixed VERY soon thank you.
  2. are you sure it's NEVER sucking them up or is it just taking longer than usual? because Aikar changed the mechanics to help out lag but it should eventually suck them up.

    also make sure it's not a situation where the item is sitting on a solid block NEXT to your hopper but real close, i've seen that where the hopper can't get it
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  3. Its litterally in my chests and cannot get sucked, but its only for my chests with full items I find this weird.
  4. ah okay, I haven't tested that particular thing out. I just have items falling on top of hoppers. I'm sure someone else can help faster than I can but if not then I'll test this out too once I get home.
  5. Are the chests locked?
    And (annoying question) You're sure you have the hopper below the chest and that is not being powered by redstone in any way [direct/indirect]
  6. It's my res, and (I understand you need to ask) no they where working yesterday
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  7. Nvm the items are dropping sry for that....
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  8. I had some stop working in the nether after the "Weekly server restart", 1 day ago.
    I was told to replace one hopper to get them all working, but after a couple log off, wait, log on, they worked again with no replacement.
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  9. that must be it because I logged off 4-5 times when they where not working
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  10. Crisis averted!
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