Hopelessly addicted!

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  1. Most people here already know who I am. I run the Empire Minecraft server (a mix of open source and custom mods), as well as the website. What started as a few us just wanting a private small server has turned into this in just a few short months. My true passion is gaming communities, but to pay for food and the bills I manage a software development team for one of the top three Facebook game publishers. Looking forward to meeting new people and building an epic community around Minecraft!
  2. Welcome to the community Justin, if you need any help contact me or yourself. :D
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  3. lmao
  4. Ok I can see that you are new to the server, so I will walk you through getting a res
    First Step: ask Jer-o-pee why his name is pee
    Second Step: don’t banned Beardswell for this walk through
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