Honoraries Society

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  1. Ever wanted to help the community by holding fun events and to help newer players out? Well this is the thing for you!

    Here at the Honoraries Society, our philosophy is to help the community out one step at a time. Whether if its with Drop Parties, or fun Mining events, we want to help!

    Interested in joining? We need yah, just fill this application out and you will be PMed via forums in about 3 weeks, thank you :).

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  2. Late Reserve ( sorry )
  3. Sounds like a great idea, sorry if some of my answers sounded like I was having too much fun answering :) I meant everything that I said.
  4. Signed-up
  5. I signed up I probably got most of the answers wrong but I wish to learn.
  6. I don't see how you could get some of the wrong c: a lot of them are personal and what would YOU do :)
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  7. True.