Homestuck Pixel Art! :D

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  1. Hello Friends, Acquaintances, Homestucks, and Bronies,

    I am happy to say that I am creating Homestuck Pixel Art!
    I have already created JOHN EGBERT'S GREEN GHOST SLIME in the front of my res
    I have already created Jake English
    I am working on a BEAT MESA
    I would really like donations and suggestions for my current one (Jake English As of 4/20/2012)
    and for my 2 future ones.
    I will accept rupees, wool, tools, and dirt.
    Please suggest and donate :)
    Jake English is for ArtemisV because she said he is her favorite character :D

    People Who Have Donated:
    Roblikescake: 150 Rupees
    ArtemisV: 200 rupees
    :) Thank you

    Thank You Friends,

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  2. Oh And my residency is 517 if you wanna see :D
  3. I have now finished my Jake english at 517 SMP1
  4. wher are the pictures
  5. Lolz ok I will post them :p
  6. are you a homestuck :D
  7. A person who enjoys homestuck? I guess :p
  8. i dont even know what homestuck is
  9. oh lolz
  10. I love the Jake English head!!! I will donate as soon as I see you in game! :D Didn't know you were accepting donations.
  11. Ooh :D Thanks, I kinda ran out of munnies. <3 Homestuck
  12. i'll check it out it looks really nice
  13. I THINK i am dont with my beat mesa >.> i am not sure though, its the new spawn area :D