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  1. Me and my friend want to build n live in one area is that possible? And if it is how can it be done?
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  2. Of course it is possible. If you want to give permissions to another player you can use these commands while standing in your res:

    Access to build and destroy blocks:
    /res pset PLAYERNAME build true

    Access to chests:
    /res pset PLAYERNAME container true

    Access to buttons/levers/doors/etc
    /res pset PLAYERNAME use true

    Then if you ever want to reset your permissions:
    /res default

    For additional help see the Empire Guide:
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  3. thx alot
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  4. Too bad we can't just move entire residences to another open spot... I wanna live by my buddy but it wasn't an option when we started... now almost all my neighbors are empty lots! :(
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  5. I smell ideas Nurgles...Thanks!!
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