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  1. Me and my friend want to build n live in one area is that possible? And if it is how can it be done?
  2. Of course it is possible. If you want to give permissions to another player you can use these commands while standing in your res:

    Access to build and destroy blocks:
    /res pset PLAYERNAME build true

    Access to chests:
    /res pset PLAYERNAME container true

    Access to buttons/levers/doors/etc
    /res pset PLAYERNAME use true

    Then if you ever want to reset your permissions:
    /res default

    For additional help see the Empire Guide:
  3. thx alot
  4. Too bad we can't just move entire residences to another open spot... I wanna live by my buddy but it wasn't an option when we started... now almost all my neighbors are empty lots! :(
  5. I smell ideas Nurgles...Thanks!!