Homes in SMP1.

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  1. Hey everyone, this is a thread to attract anyone who plays on SMP1 but doesn't have their own residence. I've just finished building 4 small houses that will soon include basements, and there are a fair number of apartments that are available to purchase. Either contact me by Private Message or /tell me in game to enquire! I will provide a tour of the rooms before you make your decision :)
    So to all you homeless people, you need not be anymore! Come stay in Castle Gardens, we have a Christmas tree. Hell yeah.
  2. I have a home but it is my shop home... would it be okay if i lived there? lol do you have a farm or anything
  3. i will buy a house, what res?
  4. Just to let you know, all servers have open lots there is no reason for someone to be homeless
  5. Monk that'd be fine :) I don't have a farm no but soon I intend on expanding the underground area of my res to allow players more freedom :)

    Tshack it is Residence 1532 :)

    Slozon I am aware but that doesn't mean it won't work :p

    SillyMommaMoose, I give every permission apart from use, which allows players to safeguard their own Chests and Rooms from other residents if need be, although I always monitor my residence for any wrong doings :)
  6. Wait, johnny, are the basments and/or home the big fat hole in yur underground res what I helped you dig out?

    (I iz ignorant lolz:D)
  7. There are 3 apartments that are yet to receive basements. And Thrime, that area that you helped me with will be part of a larger project later on which will include underground houses :)
  8. Epic! Btw, did I ever thank you for that generous payment?
  9. You did, repeatedly :p It's honestly no problem, I'm pretty well off.
  10. Lolz, ok then, but just saying, it was yur payment that allowed me to get the resources from other people to get a lot more money.
  11. Well I'm happy to know I helped you out :)
  12. Me too :D
  13. Anyway, we're getting off topic, so yeah, there are rooms/houses available so please enquire :)
  14. Goto johnny for awesome things! (like aparrtments :D)