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  1. My friend is Ruinance he had a home on smp2 it is now non-existent and it was no more than 24 hours ago can anyone look into this?
  2. did you not just ask staff in game ???
    about 15 hours ago
    Derelict residence reclaimed 3375

    prior to Ruinance logging in hour ago last time he logged in was 6 days ago. Which his res became derelict during the process.
  4. so there is no chance of recovery?
  5. no chance at all. He must reclaim a new res.
  6. Sorry to hear about your friends res. If you need anything to help rebuild, let me know :)
  7. well good day empire is no longer a home to us
  8. While I kinda feel bad that your friend lost their res since they didn't appear to pay attention to how things work here, I can't help but notice the pun in your post lol.
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  9. We are not aware of the rules. He has no internet at his residence and only can play here. Thanks lol