Hollow Pines Manor for halloween!

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Do you also long for another spooky night with friends in (and around) 'Hollow Pines Manor'?

Yes, absolutely, count me in! 5 vote(s) 71.4%
Nope, I'm sure next year's event will be as great as every other one. 2 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. Hello everyone!

    It's almost halloween again! Are you all as excited as I am to find out what this year's event and map will look like? I'm sure it will be great! But do you all remember Hollow Pines Manor (halloween, 2018), definitely one of the greatest halloween maps on EMC ever? Well, what about bringing it back once more!
    Since staff has probably been working on this years halloween for quite some time already, I don't suggest bothering them now with an "amazing but rather late to come up with" idea. So, why not be all the more early by suggesting it for next year? Of course, a one-man suggestion would be too silent to show people what lives in our heads. Sooo... what could be better than a public vote, here on the forums! And that's exactly what we're going to do!

    Here's the practical information:
    -You can vote for or against the idea to bring back the map to EMC's halloween event in 2022.
    -Along with your vote, it's possible to post your opinion an extra time with more detail. Don't feel shy to tell us why you want it back, but also why you don't want it back.
    -To have an equal chance for everyone, please don't use alt accounts to vote on this poll. I appreciate your enthusiasm but keep it fair.
    -Don't know what the Hollow Pines Manor looks like? Or even what it is? Don't worry, I'll add some pictures down below to give you all an idea. Everyone is allowed to add their own pictures to make the image more complete.

    Thanks for spreading the idea and make your vote count!

  2. This was one of my fav events to help design. Was so much fun putting it together and watching people do it.
  3. Halloween is a HUGE event on EMC. I bet that the Build Team has ideas and plans for many, many months and even years ahead of time. The hurried issues are probably just the deadlines. Let's face it, building on a deadline can be hard. :( Even for us mere mortal players.

    You do bring up an interesting idea though. It would be nice to be able to see all the old events - maybe 3 times a year and out of season? So in August we could see an older Spring/Easter event and maybe a haunted manor in May? And who doesn't want to see those massive Dragons from (?) forgot the name :oops: and even the huge scale Holiday decorated room with that blasted parkour :eek: and some of the builds from before I joined in October 2018. I would love to see those! of course because I never have.
  4. i loooooved this event would bring it back yearly if it were up to me
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  5. Bring back the spookies!
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  6. It'd be pretty interesting to make every past map available to explore and share candy in.
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