Holiday Promotions! Supporter Gifts question

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  1. For the christmas promotion does the vouchers mean like 1 or 2 unlimited iron/gold membership or does it mean 1 month of iron/gold.
  2. It means you can give either 1 gold supporter rank to a friend, or 2 iron supporter ranks to 2 friends :) each last a month
  3. The promotion vouchers only offer one month of iron or gold membership
  4. He means the vouchers that you can buy for 10$.

    If you choose to buy a supporter voucher for 10$, you can use it at any time and it will give the person who uses it a free month of diamond supportership :)
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  5. ^This

    It is worth noting that you can only get one voucher, when I did it I had to instantly give the other supporter to another
  6. Thanks for your support guys I got Diamond
  7. Enjoy it, I had it for 12 hours so far and I love it :p