Holiday Promo Update/Reminder!

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  1. Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to give a reminder post and mini-update to those who haven't seen or gotten to take advantage of our Holiday Promo yet! We have about 15 more days left for you to take advantage of this!

    • Anybody who purchases a full Diamond Supporter membership in December can offer either 2 Iron Supporter memberships to two other people or 1 Gold Supporter membership to one other person.

    • Anybody who purchases a full Diamond Supporter membership in December can pay $10.00 any amount of times to purchase full Diamond Supporter memberships to other players/accounts. There is no limit to the amount of gift memberships you can purchase for others. So be sure to take advantage of this great deal
    • Anybody who purchases a full Diamond Supporter membership in December can purchase ONE Diamond Supporter voucher for $10.00.

    To make things easier, we've added a direct payment button on the Holiday Promo Page. This will make it easier for players to pay the $10.00 for another account's upgrade or a voucher. Simply send the money using the button, then send the transaction id and what/who it's for, to myself, IcecreamCow.

    I will then get you the voucher, or upgrade the other account(s) within 24 hours, but usually faster.

    While all the above is going on, we also have a Rupee promotion going on as well! Anyone who purchases rupees during our Holiday Promo will receive 4x the regular rupees! Make sure to stock up today to prepare for when we eventually release all the new items to our shop!

  2. Thanks for making it easier! :D that helps a lot
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  3. oorah!
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  4. This was a genius promo. This promo will make players want to keep their memberships afterwards and will get more supporters. Also, more people will buy site rupees. This promo makes EMC more fun for players and benefits EMC as well. GEnius
  5. Awesome
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  6. As a heads up, that link heads to an image, not the page itself :)
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  7. I don't know what you're talking about...

  8. This really was a smart idea. My friend and I both bought diamond supporter because of this. I also bought an extra diamond supporter for the future :)
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  9. What an awesome promo!
  10. Lol
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  11. At least this time ICC didn't cause any violence!

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  12. We still have half a month. :D
  13. OK, quick question...
    I was re-reading the promo 'terms' (have they changed or been clarified?). I purchased diamond for others. Does this mean that I lose the ability to gift gold/iron? Or do I have the ability to purchase diamond for others AND still gift the free gold/iron?
    Thanks for the clarification!
  14. The original terms seemed to confuse some people...but you always could:

    Either gift 2 iron or 1 gold ONE time


    Do the diamond upgrades unlimited. :)
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  15. Thanks for the clarification ICC!
    Yes, I will admit that I have a thick head sometimes. (OK, more often than not...:confused:)
  16. So are we allowed to lets say, buy the 10 dollar diamond voucher AND gift gold supporter or iron supporter?
  17. D
    Dang you're alive!
  18. To give you an idea on whats going on and why you should support, we are now running paid advertisements to grow EMC!

    We have paid ad on topg, paid ad on reddit and now a paid ad running on Facebook!
    We also will soon be spending 2500$ to start email marketing too, to win back our long missing friends back to the Empire (Where they gave us the right email address at least...)

    So your support will go a long ways to helping EMC grow :)
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  19. *wonders how much EMC actually makes per month*
  20. Let's assume
    Diamond Supporters=D=100
    Gold Supporters=G=150
    Iron Supporters=I=250
    (Undershooting by a lot I'm thinking)
    100 (.) 30 + 150 (.) 10 + 250 (.) 5 = Total
    Let's solve :3
    100 (.) 30 gives us 3,000.
    150 (.) 10 gives us 1,500
    250 (.) 5 gives us 1,250
    Therefore, using our estimated numbers, EMC makes $5,750 (United States Dollars) in one month.