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    Hey guys, about 3 months ago I went on holidays to south-africa, and I wanted to show off some photos we (me, my sister or my dad mainly) made, so there you go :) Note: a lightfilter broke on the third day so at bright photos the colour is a bit (english-vocabulary lack)... idk but it doesnt really matter lol.

    I had a notbook with me where I wrote the storys of one day, but it is too much work for me to translate it all and type it over once, I dont have the time for it, but there are some really awesome storys from people who live there, history, nature, animals, everything. We also have alot more photos (a little over 1000 ;)) than I post here, but to avoid spamming photos I took the best. There arent really nature photos because nature is really hard to photograph, on the photos everything looks so much.. smaller and less awesome :p

    ^ I have alot of storys about this, we have been in Soweto ourselves and visited the 'school' there. The people there are so nice, even though they have such a bad situation.

    ^ Failed photo :/ It is supposed to show two fighting hippos, but its a nice bush too, right? :3
  2. Nice photos. I've always wanted to go to Africa. One day maybe :p
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  3. These are such great photos! Is photography your hobby?
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  4. Amazing :D
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  5. Them photos are absolutely amazing !!:p
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  6. Thanks guys!

    Not really, but whenever we are on holiday or something like that I like to make photos though :)
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  7. Awesome photos!
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