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  1. My name is Jim and I'm a helicopter pilot! In my spare time I enjoy spending time with friends, playing video games, watching movies, chatting on www.gamekrib.com and riding my motorcycle!

    Here's a video of me flying! (I'm on the right)
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  2. wow i didnt belive u sorry :( i ow u 100 pupies lol
  3. Using that controller is so hardcore your teacher had to wear gloves, but not you, because you're a badass.
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  4. Jim I go flying some times to! What kind of helicopter was that a R22? thats the one I fly when I can (its pricey to fly though lol).
  5. I've flown a hind before and shot tons of people.
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  6. I smell a private air force starting....
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  7. well actually. I flew it, and jeremy did all the killing. ;)
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