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  1. hi my name is craneman5 and am a spartan XD i am actually not new to the servers but right now there is and issue with them so watev. my first sign in was 50 som days ago XD i am a noob helper btw i can work on any servers. so if ur new lemme no ur address (type /res info) and reply here and tell meh wat u ned help with. i cannot help everyone tht posts on here i am one person XD so posts tht tell meh xcactly wat they ned and r specific will most likely get picked
    ok about this thingy i am 13 almost 14 (14 on august 3rd) i got my bday present early and it was a trampoline. i rly like it and am alrdy havin fun on it :). i luv emc.
  2. Yep, the servers are down, as you can see by the 10 threads... -_- Anyway, welcome to the forums! The forums are full of awesome people.
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  3. Like me :)

    Welcome! How did you find out about EMC?
  4. Welcome to the Empire! Brooooo.. *skater dude voice :p*

    Look at that ghastly speeling!! It's ruining my waffly eye sockets!

    So your a helper of the new players eh? Welcome to the club! I love helping the n00bs.. Not really with their residences but more of just helping in general :)
  5. 50 Days? More like 80 lol.
  6. lol 86 now i feel old XD
  7. Yeah I think that everyone feels a little settled in on the server AND forums once they lose that "New Member" title.
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