Hola Amigos! Yo Nombre es Harukono y Yo Gusto Cerdos!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Harukono, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Hello friendly pigeons! I am partially new to the server, about one week.

    I am currently really enjoying how clean your server is, protections on all plots/residences, wilderness is pretty clean, and great staff members!

    Thanks for your hospitality pigeons! :D
  2. You are welcome!!! And welcome to the Empire!!! What server are you on?

    ~The Tomato
  3. I am currently on the smp5 E.M.C server. I am in plots 10970 but its not that developed. Yet. ;)
  4. Cool! I am on smp4 plot 8017 :) I hope to see you around!

    ~Teh Tomato
  5. You too vaca! :)
  6. It's "hola amigos MI nombre es harukono y a mi me gustan los cerdos" in case you traduced it with google.
  7. I prefer to be called a blue jay..

  8. I'm still learning spang-lish lool. Happy to see I'm getting responds to my thread! :)