Hoe much would all these items be worth?

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  1. 2x Fortune 2 Efficiency IV
    3x UN-breaking 3 Efficiency IV Fortune 3
    1x UN-breaking 3 Efficiency IV silk touch
    2x UN-breaking 3 Efficiency IV
    1x Fortune 3 Efficiency IV
    2 Stacks of dimaonds.

    Please let me know how much you estimate all this will be worth, Thank you.
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  2. Id say about 15k
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  3. maybe ( depending on who is buying from you ) around 14-16k
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  4. From my personal experience, it will be worth around 20k
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  5. is that it :( i thought it would be a lot more :(
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  6. It would be, but 1.3 came out. b4 1.3, it would have prob. been a LOT more
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  7. how much in 1.25?
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  8. in 1.2.5? Each pick could easily go for 3-4K+, and that's 9 picks, so 27-36K+another 5120r for the 2 stacks diamond....

    Totals up to about 32-41K. (1.3 about 15K though)
  9. 1.2.5=40k+
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  10. Enchanted Weapons dropped in price because it's so easy to get them now... but Diamonds are still worth just as much as they were before, don't let anyone tell you different. You can't get your easy enchanted diamond weapons without diamonds and diamonds are still just as rare as they were before.
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  11. not quite as rare, actually- fortune3 picks are much more common, allowing for more diamonds per ore.

    Also, efficiency picks make it faster to strip mine :)
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  12. well how much should i start a auction for it then?
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  13. try 10k.
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  14. First of all, don't include the diamonds as that would make the auction invalid. Second unless you want someone to grab a bargain, have the starting bid at what you think is reasonable.
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  15. yeah but even with more Fortune III and Efficiency picks... you still have to work to get Diamonds and 99% of players are still too lazy to go mine for anything themselves.

    you still have players buying wheat to trade for emeralds instead of just growing the wheat themselves
    you still have players asking for sand instead of mining it themselves
    you still have players asking for all kinds of things instead of getting it themselves

    so yes, Diamonds are still just as rare as they were before
  16. Just to tell you if you do an auction you must leave out the diamonds
  17. wiw am i one of the 1% that does everything for myself instead of buying :D
    so 10k starting bid is good?
    and yes i will leave out the dimaonds
  18. Yeah and I will bid!
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  19. And then you still have people who think that being a hermit in the wilderness is fun :)

    Oh, and on another note, you can add in a DOUBLE chest worth of diamonds to make it valid.
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