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  1. Ok guys so I am trying to find an image to use for my wallpaper contest. What I want is an image of a few of empire staffs like ICC, Aikar, Max, in front of the picture while a bunch of members jump or do something in the background. I am pretty sure there already has been images like this so if anyone can find one please post it here :).

    If not I will have to make it happen, hopefully. I doubt if any staffs will participate because they might not have the time to do so, this is why I need people to post here to register which staff skin you will use in the screenshot. There can only be 1 of ea staff member. And I will keep it a maximum of 6 staff members. The 3 staff members that must be in the screenshot is ICC, Aikar and Maxarias.

    ICC: jjhhgg100123
    Aikar: princebee
    Maxarias: tech
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  2. *bump
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  3. You mean something like ICC's avatar?
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  4. yes but more people and without the sign
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  5. IMPOSTERS!! ;)
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  6. You should have chickeneer in that picture. Always leaving the mods out :(
  7. Maybe make your own server and use skin stealer, and F1.
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  8. Ill be Aikar. Can I hold some Emeralds to ruin the economy?
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  9. Give me some flint and steel and I'll be max
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  10. hence why i gave 3 extra spots for anyone who want to be them ._.

    ._. *shakes head*
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  11. idk what that is nor do I feel like taking the time to download that etc cause I am lazy. I'll just wait it out + I need random people also so. If this doesn't turn out the way I want it then o well the community part of my wallpaper = gone
  12. So you want a screenshot from someone else because you are too lazy to make it yourself? And if you win? You get the money and keep it yourself?
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  13. It allows you to place 'statues' of different players in positions you want them in. Also, it takes about 30 seconds to download, probably even less than that.
  14. The lazy part was directed at downloading and installing the mod. The image is not a big part of the wallpaper design. But it is needed to give it a little something to it. If you don't feel like helping I am totally fine with it. Just take your BS elsewhere because it is not wanted on this thread. My intention was not to get into an argument with someone I don't know and someone I probably won't like getting to know.

    Thank you for explaining what the mod does, I appreciate it.
  15. That was a little rude....
  16. I see a photobomb opportunity coming along ;)
  17. Do you happen to know where I can get this mod? I searched on youtube and minecraft forums but the stuff i see doesn't look like it give u the ability to place statues
  18. The 'statues' are identical to the player model + it's not a mod, it's a bukkit plugin. Therefore, you'll need a server to use it.
  19. This happens with almost everyone who knows each other... They be rude to each other for revenge (though it's just miscommunication)
    Though I suppose an eye for an eye just leaves the world blind...