HJMall (Whitehouse Best Buys!)

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  1. Hey All! I Thought I Would Let You All Know That My Mall Has Been Up Quite Some Time Now, And That You All Should Check It Out! It Is Located At /v +HJMall On Smp8 And Would Be Great For Feedback On The Prices From A Range Of Servers, As The Economy Seems Bad At Smp8.

    Whitehouse Mall.png

    Now Guys And Gals, One Last Thing-We Are Looking For Some Block-Stocking Staff. If You Are Interested Do Not Hesitate To Come By Smp8 And Let Me Know (Yes, You Will Make 75% Profit From What You Stock)

    Thanks Very Much! -High_Jacker
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  2. Hey bud ! Amazing Job man ! I would of applied for stocking staff as this awesome mall but im extremely busy at the moment :(
    Anyway good luck and good job !
    - H24
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  3. Haha, Your Always Next Door If I Need You Anyway. Your H24 Mall Seems To Be Coming Along Good, Hope There Isnt Much Competition Between Us XD