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  1. I just happened to find the Empire Minecraft while searching texture packs. I came across Minecraftopia and the Servers list. I have been looking for some place kind of like Empire Minecraft for a bit really. I recently picked up Minecraft after watching TobyGames on Youtube.

    Anyways about me:
    • Long name, Can just call me Panda or Pandy
    • I'm a Female, My avatar has short hair. I get called male so thought I'd clarify.
    • I'm 23. Just in case you know...you wanted to know?
    • Currently in Empire I live on SMP7 at 14162. It will most definitely be a big work in progress.
    • I'm pretty friendly and nice if you're the same in return.
    • I'm willing to help you with something if needed.
    • I enjoy meeting new people. Please don't be shy.
    • Sorry not looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend any of that. I'm just here to have fun and make friends.
  2. Welcome to the Empire :)

    We certainly aren't a dating server, except for a few couples around :p

    Glad to have you here :)
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  3. Do people often use multiplayer minecraft to find relationships? This seems odd to me.

    Regardless, welcome to the Empire, Panda. Hope you enjoy yourself!
  4. Welcome to the empire panda.

    Don't worry, there are plenty of dating site advertisements on the website to keep the lonely hearts busy.
  5. LOL I just noticed that those ads also have dating site. Most of the time I saw server hosting ads :D

    And welcome to EMC, Panda. :D
  6. Thanks Everyone! And yes, I have seen people in Multiplayer Minecraft who were just randomly asking "Who wants to get married!?" and they would have a little ceremony. I was kinda..surprised?:eek:
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  7. lol like other threads state they were most likely just big guys with beards :)
    and welcome to the empire
  8. It has been proven that online games make more couples then dating sites.
  9. I guess that's why they're lonely. Looking in the wrong places.
  10. xD Haha. True and Thanks.

    I have heard of people meeting on a game and getting married in real life. I guess it does happen. I'm sure they get to know one another first, they don't just pop some blocks in a spot and ask someone they just met though Heh.
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  11. Welcome to the empire! But your last post made me laugh lol..

    theres a picture on imgur of this dad saying "my 7yr old son made me this on mine craft" and it was a cobble wall with blocks placed to spell "I love you dad"

    i can totally see someone doing that with "will you marry me"
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  13. I though someone got married on WOW once. We need to get someone to do that on EMC, we will setup a huge event lol

    /hijackthread [return]
  14. Haha that is awesome.

    LOL That would be fun. I've seen people posting screenshots from stuff like Second Life, and I know some games even have it available.
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  15. Lol guys nice discussion you are having :p
  16. Well, Welcome to this wondrous server! I've never seen a marriage going on before..sounds rather silly though. :)
  17. This tops that.
  18. This one is also quite amazing.
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  19. There were some 12-13 year olds trying to amrry on smp4 a whil e ago...
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  20. Welcome to the Empire!