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  1. Hello people.
    As many of you know I am working on the res 13331 on smp6. Its a "fun" res, so i need more "fun" stuff.
    I need to hire someone to build a massive roller coaster
    I need to buy from someone who can supply many stacks of rails
    Since i am putting so much trust in the builder (Build & use), I am requiring applications. This roller coaster will be around 10 thousand blocks long, and must look good. I would like it to have some fences holding it up, since that looks nice. The coaster wont go that high, just up and around.

    1 To apply:
    2 In game name:
    3 Banned or kicked?:
    4 Why?:
    5 How many days have you played on smp?:
    6 Any other building experience?:
    7 How much money you would charge for it(I supply materials)?:

    This is contracted work, so once you start and agree to build it, you cant "quit". Its ok if it takes you awhile to build, so you dont have to build it on the spot. You dont have to write the questions just lable 1-6.

    If you can supply the materials, just pm me :)