Hiring wood cutter!

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  1. Hey guys well recently I have started up a wood buissness by myself to make some money! :) It's absolutely brilliant ATM and I got a lot of orders that need to be filled. I am hiring someone trusted and that will put a lot of their own time into helping me cut wood. I will be splitting all the money from my orders 50/50 with the person I choose so ATM I'm getting orders mostly for 2 DCS of each type of log and that comes to around 60k so you will get 30k :)

    So here's the application form:

    How many hours do you play a day:
    Have you ever been banned? If so why:
    Will you be willing to use a lot of your time to make money:

    Thanks Gadget! :)
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  2. Fact: If you helped me with all my current orders and done half you would get 192,500r :D
  3. I was gonna say... lol

    Also, you have a supply of bone?
  4. I actually need bones.
  5. Right. well as it is, i've provided a location for a rival company to yours. so i can't very well supply you both. but if you have a skele spawner, i can build you a grinder at it :)