[Hiring] Volt XII Mega Mall Manager

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Would you like to try to become the manager of our second mega mall?

yes 3 vote(s) 75.0%
no 1 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Hi EMC, Ice_Lightning99, IronicSwordPlay and myself have started the business chain Volt XII we are aiming to have a lot of different services and a lot of mega malls a long with hotels and entertainment. At the moment we have one mega mall 9500 on smp4 and one service Volt XII Farm Building both are going well so we have started to build a new mega mall on smp6 12045 this is on Ice_Lightning99's residence and is worth visiting to have a look around it has got two of its eight floors so far.
    Anyway we are looking to hire someone responsible to essentially run the mega mall completely when they have proved themselves, this means they have got to put some time into it as they will get a percentage of the profit as their pay. Another thing is you can help towards building the mall in the first place, but don't reject this just as its not built come and see its two floors we spent only one day building. Please do not try to become the manager if you cannot afford to spend quite a bit of time on the mall. But this is a very profitable job the better you do the more money you get automatically.
    Thanks~the Volt XII Team :)
  2. Please people we can't mega mall stock and build farms for you.
  3. I am reasonably happy to become a manager for the mall, but a few questions are in order:

    1) How often will I be required to spend on the mall? I have plenty of spare time at home, but I do have other projects.
    2) How large a percentage of the profit will I get?
    3) How is the profit going to be determined? Obviously if I'm only getting a percentage, I won't own the shop signs, so how will you decide how much 'profit' is?
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  4. Well we have a manager for 14045 but I need one for 9500 now and you'll get a percentage determined by how much you make and it depends how big your projects are you just need to stock and advertise and help people with out being pushy. You will probably get within the region of 10-15% (this is able to change) maybe even more we would have to talk about it. Thanks :) -XD
  5. I'm sorry, but I don't want to sacrifice that much time and resources. I most definitely don't have time to personally get the resources to restock a whole mega-mall, so suppliers would have to be established, which are not cheap. Considering how much restocking would take, I would end up losing money on this, so I have to decline.

  6. I would not do this if i get 15% if earnings...the amount you spend stocking is over triple that amount causing you to lose tons. At least 50-76% of earnings should be paid because you are fully running it
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