[HIRING] Villager Breeder

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  1. Hi, I am hiring a builder to make me a villager breeder at my res on smp1 (2410)
    I only need quite a small one (but efficient) (around 20x20 blocks) you supply materials i pay :) i can pay arround 2k for it!
  2. I understand that they had turnd off villager breading....
  3. Well they can breed now I have a breeding center and I see little villagers came out so yeah it works
  4. :D XghostlysniperX can you make one?
  5. I am working on a project to do a 3 floor 60x60 villager breeding center
  6. I'd like one as well so whoever makes ScarTheNinja's could make me one too! :)
  7. Ok
  8. Well I could make you the one I said for 30k I will supply
  9. The 3 floor one?
  10. what about the 1st one you said?
  11. *cough*I was the first person to make one*cough*
  12. I think you need some cough drops
  13. *Cough* I always had mine from before they disabled breeding *Cough*

    Just modified it and removed to my brothers residence
  14. I see a cough that's been going on in EMC lately I will get to the bottom of this "cough"
  15. So Tomato Can you make me one?
  16. Villagers only need a very small amount of infrastructure to breed. I found a setup on youtube that took about 5 minutes to build and only doors, dirt and torches. The commentary also tells you what the require and why, so you can decide for yourself. I have this set up on my res and it works fine.
    If you like you can take a look at mine on utopia 5013
  17. Welcome to lag city.
  18. Well if you only need a few villagers, 4005 SMP2.

    I can make them but I need to perfect it first. :)