[Hiring] Utopian Res Manager

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  1. I've been in sore need of an assistant who can help me out on my utopia res. Job description:
    -Cut trees.
    -Replant trees.
    -Eggify Villagers from breeder.
    -Put all profits into a chest.

    Pretty simple huh? I will even provide you with the starting materials you'll need (an axe :p), and you will be paid 2k per session that you work there. Best part is that this only needs to happen once every two weeks, and the total time it takes to complete the entire thing is about 1 hour 15 minutes tops. I will also think of additional employee awards as time goes on, but I'm not far down the road quite yet, please say what you might want in terms of perks on this thread if you are applying. I do need an employee/Res manager soon though, I expect the first job to be ready by Memorial Day weekend.

    Respond on this thread or PM me if you want to apply for this truly awesome job.
  2. Hey Jug, I could do that for you....I'm actually in the res across from you, 5412 :p

    I just did a reset on my res....so nothings there at the moment. lol
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  3. Ok, you're a good neighbor. :) Won't be ready till Saturday or Sunday yet, I still have to get the first saplings planted. :p
  4. ok...just let me know...or you can let me know how and what you want planted..i could do that...