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  1. I have a large area that needs to be dug out and I am looking to employ 5 trusted diggers. All information on the dig will be below.

    1. I will only hire those that will stay until the job is finished, i'm tired of people starting the job then quitting because it's too much. Logging out is fine but refer to #5 as to actions taken in that event.

    2. This is a huge job, 25 60x60 levels, that means you will be digging out 90,000 blocks of dirt.

    3. Diamond shovels and torches are provided to each digger as well as 6 empty doublechests per digger for the dirt.

    4. Pay will be based on how many doublechests you fill, 500r per doublechest for a total of 3,000r per person. If a digger quits before the job is done all pay for work done will be forfeited.

    5. Perms for my residence will be given, but monitored. If you abuse them I will have you reported and banned for griefing. In addition every time a digger logs out perms will be removed for my own res' safety and be returned when you log back on.

    6. Anyone wanting to apply for the position must state so on this thread AND in a convo to me. All applicants will be interviewed and must submit references as to your trustworthiness and work ethic. A copy of the application will be provided below.

    7. I reserve the right to deny any applicant the job as well as a permanent res ban if the rules are not followed.

    Digger Application

    Home Server:
    Do you understand the 7 rules and will you follow them? (yes/no):
    How long have you been on EMC?:
    Reference 1:
    Reference 2:
    Reference 3(Optional):
    Reference 4(Optional):
    Why should I hire you?:
  2. Addendum: I will notify all hired diggers to when and where to report for the job.
  3. I think I have to phone my lawyer...
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  4. Generalfelino015
    I live in Smp7
    I understand the rules
    I been Like 3 or 4 months in EMC
    I am a excelent worker in the art of digy digy holes
    Please hire me for this work
  5. IGN:Supernir
    Home Server:Smp1
    Do you understand the 7 rules and will you follow them? (yes/no):yes
    How long have you been on EMC?:345 days... almost an year , you can do /p supernir in-game
    Reference 1:Im an trusted man , never griefed.
    Reference 2:I will finish the job.
    Why should I hire you?:I will finish it fast as i can , and i need rupees aswell.
    P.S : Do you limit what i need to dig ?
    or i just need to dig 25 layers when im monitoring...or after 25 layers i can dig all ?