[Hiring] Tool Repair Person

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  1. I need someone to repair my tools until 1.9 is on EMC (#Mending).

    I will provide diamonds and even anvils if need be. I just need your exp.

    PM me with your price and we can work something out, Thanks!
  2. Still looking for a full time person that is able to complete continual orders :)
  3. What is full time?
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  4. Sorry for the incredibly late reply...

    Im looking for someone to repair my tools every couple days. Once I need them repaired, said person gets a PM on site- picks up the tools and repairs them. :)

    I am still looking :)

  5. I sale and fix enchanted tools.
    You bring the tools.
    tag 1 for 750r
    tag 2 for 1500r
    tag 3 buy a new one at 2500r
    You can find me at smp8 /v +market
  6. I will be starting a PM with you to discuss, but just to let you know before then- I dont have access to smp8 town.
  7. I can repair your tools anytime, I have been looking for something to do with my levels :)