Hiring to build elevator

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  1. Okay, so i have a penthouse on my res, and i need an elevator so i can get to it. can anyone build me one.
    i'm on smp4 and my res is 9370.
    make me an offer of what your labor price would be and what tools you would need.
  2. I've built a piston elevator before. In all recommendation, dont try it. With ANY server lag, it screws up the pistons, and you end up getting sucked under the block. I havnt tested it with sticky pistons attatched to blocks to do the pushing/pulling, but it may work. I recommen strongly that you consider that atleast, as plain pistons dont work well=D
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  3. yeah for sure. thank you for the recommendation
  4. And I did do a very small test with stickies, with stone bricks attached. It worked in a small scale, so im fairly sure it would work on a larger, but make sure you have enough room :D THoes suckers need it!
  5. Just use water... If a earthquake happens, you might get lucky, and it might start to flow up, just like a Mississippi river did...
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