[Hiring] The new face of Freddy Fazebear Pizzera!

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  1. I am Currently Hiring Two Animatronics For my Pizzeria!

    I have been creating fnaf map in my res and I need some animatronics to fill it! Curently that we have Foxy (I) and Freddy!

    I need bonnie

    Post here if interested!
  2. Hi, im interested :p
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  3. In which one?
  4. Chica is good :p
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  5. Alright I'll add you too the list and we will get together here. But we still need bonnie. :)
  6. What exactly do we do? I might be interested :)
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  7. We act as annimatronics of the first game. I'll host a event and we can get night guards doing that. If you do accept, I will message you and the others when the event is happening. It's a way where we can train and know the map before we start the event
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  8. Do you have specific date in mind? I don't know if I will be available or not XD
  9. How about saturday 10pm EMC time? That will be the train time and 12pm EMC time will be the actual start of the event
  10. I might be able to do that :)
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